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World History and the Eonic Effect 5th ed. (kindle)(PDF)
WHEE Abridged ed. (kindle) (PDF)
Kant and the Philosophy of History


The Eonic Trilogy

Three books associated with the issue of the eonic, or macro, effect are now in print, next to the original text of World History and The Eonic Effect (WHEE):

1. Descent of Man Revisited  (book) (PDF)
2. Last and First Men (book) (PDF)
3. Enigma of the Axial Age (book) (kindle) (PDF)

All three works give an exposition of the larger 'eonic model' without the complexities of the original WHEE.



    World History and the Eonic Effect: Online Edition

     Civilization, Darwinism, and Theories of Evolution //4th ed.

  At a time when theories of evolution are under renewed controversy, discussion is hampered by the remoteness of the phenomenon of evolution, and the use of indirect inference to speculate about deep time. Adherents of Darwinism often defend dogmatic versions of the theory that have been questioned since the first reviewers of Origin of Species. 
Now Darwinism is under siege from the Intelligent Design movement, threatening the school system. The attempt to hijack the debate using long discredited arguments by design tends to make Darwinists close ranks around their flawed science. The debate is deadlocked by the rigidity of both parties, evidence of fixed agendas, and metaphysical presumptions. A new approach is needed. The study of history itself holds the clue if we can find it.

We live in the first generations with enough historical data to detect a pattern of Universal History. The discovery of this pattern, the Eonic Effect, uncovers the evidence for a deep structure resembling punctuated equilibrium in world history itself. The study of history and evolution together shows us something we had missed and allows us to infer the existence of non-random evolution in the emergence of man. Darwinian theory suffers from low evidence density. The Eonic Effect is the only data we have at high evidence density of evolution as a process in real time, and this transforms our views completely.


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World History and The Eonic Effect