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Selections: 3rd Ed.
The Eonic Model

Kant's Challenge

The Axial Age
   Also, New: New Ages

Transition and Modernity

Mediating History and Evolution
Theory and Ideology
Economics and Evolution
Id in Class?
Dennett on ID

Beyond The ID Debate

Toward A Postdarwinian

Kant and Design 
Time Article on Darwin Debate

Karen Armstrong on Second Axial Age
Illusions of Dawkins

Notes Toward an Eonic Model

Historicism and The Oedipus Effect

The Eonic Effect

Darwinism in Historical Context
History and Evolution

FAQ: What is the Eonic Effect?

Studying the Eonic Effect

Was There an Axial Age?
Idea For An Historical Database

Falsifying Darwinism

Washington Post on Dover

The Evolution of Freedom

Orr on Intelligent Design

Evolutionary War--The Darwin Debate

What's the Matter with Kansas? 

Intelligent Design on Trial
Kant and Quantum Mechanics

Kant's Idea for a Universal History

Kant's What is Enlightenment?

Körner on Teleological Explanation in Kant

The Illusions of Metaphysics: Kant's Dialectic

Marx and Darwin
Nietzsche and Darwin

Essays from 1st Edition Site 

Is there a Postmodern Age?    
Fisher's Lament

Historicism, Historical Inevitability, and Laws of History

Evolution and the Idea of Progress 



Gould's Structure of Evolutionary Theory

Bio-cultural evolution

Pinker's Blank Slate

The Teleomechanists
Sociobiology and History
New World Diffusion 



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Short blogbook on History, Evolution and The Eonic Effect

Of The Axial Age

The study of the eonic effect provides a solution to the enigma of the Axial Age. This website contains extensive resources on this question, with a short tutorial on the Axial Age itself. The recent work of Karen Armstrong is the object of considerable commentary both at this site and at the blog Darwiniana.
Tutorial/notes on Axial Age
Here are two older essays on the Axial period:
The Axial Age and the Eonic Effect

Was There an Axial Age?
The work of Karen Armstrong is analyzed here:
The Great Transformation
Bloglinks to commentary on Armstrong's book

Another blogbook:
Work in progress