Development of the Eonic Model
Transition and Divide

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The Great Divide

 We should close fast, but before doing so look at one spectacular confirmation of our model. Let us note that our model of intermittent transitions implies that each transition will show a characteristic 'end of interval' period where the transition completes. Since the transition is a flood of eonic emergents it tends to climax towards its end.

With this in mind we should consider the end of the modern transition, the generation of the Enlightenment, and we notice that just as predicted this is one of the most innovative periods in world history. Now we know why.

Now let's backtrack to the end of the second Axial period, which we estimate to be ca. -600. We notice that this is the period of the Exile, and beyond that the rough point at which the creative period of the prophets comes to an end and a new era comes into being looking backward at the Axial transition era.