4. Idea For A Universal History


The Curse of Mideonic Empire 


Section 4.5.2

World History 
And The Eonic Effect

Civilization, Darwinism, And Theories of Evolution
4th Edition
The Book
By  John Landon





4. Idea For A Universal History  
    4.1 A Short History of The World  
       4.1.1 The Modern Turn: Looking Backward          
    4.2 Big Histories, Universal Histories  
       4.2.1 In Search of The Big Bang 
       4.2.2 From Life's Origin to The Dawn of Human Culture  
    4.3 Neolithic Beginnings  
       4.3.1 Fields of Diffusion  
       4.3.2 Genesis of the Great Religions 
       4.3.3 The Tower of Babel           
   4.4 Egypt, Sumer and The 'Rise of Civilization'  
      4.4.1 Sumer and The Cuneiform Civilization
      4.4.2 Egypt: A Synchronous 'Axial' Effect
   4.5 From Akkad to The Assyrians...and Israel...  
      4.5.1 The Indo-European Migrations  
      4.5.2 The Curse of Mideonic Empire 

 5. Symphony of Emergence


    World History And The Eonic Effect: Fourth Edition

     4.5.1 The Indo-European Migrations

  One of the obvious facts of the mideonic periods in our eonic framework is the drift into empire. We see this in the wake of Sumer, and then, most obviously, in the wake of the Axial transitions, especially in the Occident. The dynamic behind this is inexorable in the way the brief transitions lose their qualitative richness in the ‘middle period’, even as the units of aggregation flow outward into their diffusion fields attempting larger and larger synthetic structures of the State. This effect, which will then predominate as the center of gravity of historical chronicles, tends to skew our perceptions in the sense of what is, or should be normal. But most of world history is abnormal! Our eonic mainline is in all observable cases benign but the result is too often the crystallization of empire.


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