The eonic effect: intro to whee’s capsule version…

We are not going to put the whole text of WHEE online here: we have put up the Preface and Introduction: the latter is a mini-capsule version of the book. We will cite other passages with commentary and note the much better PDF and/or Amazon versions of the book.

The value of the ‘eonic model’ is that it forces you to try and visualize world history in its complexity and to see that ‘evolution’ is partly invisible to the naked eye. The darwinian perspective is almost pathetic in its sterile ideological dogmatizing. But it is of great value to those who wish to control public thought. That world history and the evolution of organisms could be related is too much for many, but the connection emerges gradually.

WHEE: Preface to Fourth Edition

This is the fourth revised edition of World History and the Eonic Effect, the underground/online theoretical self-defense kit and exposé of the Darwinian paradigm. The web response to the various editions and associated blog at has been consistently large, a sign that students of evolution are searching for answers. We can begin to see that the issue of evolution is beginning to undergo a paradigm shift, despite the confusing distractions of the Intelligent Design groups which have made their crypto-theological perspective seem like the only alternative to the failure of Darwinism. It is important to be wary of a new false synthesis. The Darwin debate is really a propaganda war, now with its two dominant factions, Darwinism and Intelligent Design, manipulating opinion in which seems at times a fake debate. The public is ill-served by the false alternatives offered, and a real insight into evolution is needed, one that is independent of this clever brand of dialectical propaganda. The reader has here a different perspective on the subject of human evolution, a second, or third, opinion. The perception of the eonic effect shows the way to a new understanding of evolution and universal history beyond the Social Darwinist ideology and the reductionist scientism now current that has put secularism at risk. The study of the eonic effect has all the pieces of the evolution puzzle in one place, and can preempt false oversimplifications. The eonic effect gives us in many ways the bottom line on evolution.
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