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We list some resources, with two manifestos, matched with the blog site at, for a left spectrum that is a new approach to a new kind of left that can communicate to a public. The Red Forty-eight Group is a model of a new kind of neo-communist/democratic system. History is always on the move. We can admire Marx but we cannot point to the success of his thinking as we review the history of the Second International. The era of Biden against Trump reveals Cuban exile rightists who so anathematize socialism that Trump can redbait a neoliberal such as Biden and actually convince a brainwashed public.          Social Crisis and The Crisis of the Left

The promotion of socialism should inspire the same enthusiasm as that for democracy for the two are ultimately the same. We have tried to create a radical break with the past and move to define both socialism and democracy in terms of each other.   Toward a New Socialist Framework

We have produced a series of texts, books and essays attempting to define an approach to socialism that might actually work! Two Manifestos
  1. Toward a New Communist Manifesto
The Crisis of Capitalist Globalization At a time of social crisis, the classic Manifesto of Marx and Engels in the era of the 1848 revolutions resonates with an eerie relevance for the age of neoliberalism and dangerous climate change. The clever fiction of the end of history is exposed as an artifice of philosophic legerdemain, Hegel from the bottom of the deck. The original tour de force would be a hard act to follow, but in reality, our ‘new’ manifesto is a studied echo of the old brought to its real future, via the prophetic desperation of two revolutionaries before their time. The era of the 1848 upheavals, in the last tremors of the mighty French Revolution, has been called a turning point in world history, but one which failed to turn. It is an ironic aspect of our current era that this ‘revolution manqué’ is an apt metaphor for our own predicament. It threw down the gage to the future of the whole of industreality. That remarkable period of revolt was a shot over the bows of the capitalist revolution unfolding toward its long march to globalization, with the problematical outcome of its success beset once again with the haunting realization the failure to turn is a world of markets going mad. A rational limit or else overthrow of the new capitalist affair might have spared the planetary community much suffering, but now the issue goes into the critical zone, as the crisis reaches a point of no return. And that moment has a symbolic significance in terms of a larger view of world history. The status of late capitalism is desperate: As the planet nears the point of no return at the threshold of climate criticality, the conservative sector of the American congress threatens to veto the US treaty obligation with respect to the recent Paris climate conference: this example typifies the extreme terminal ideological seizure of consciousness by capitalist ideology and tokens a recompute of the American system of government…     2. Democratic Market neo-communism The left must move beyond mere slogans to a detailed projection of what socialism means in practice and we have provided in our second manifesto an outline or modeling tool of ‘democratic market neo-communism’ as a janus-faced socialist/liberal system that looks like a liberal democracy but transformed by the expropriation of capital into a Commons. This system can function with a set of markets beside a system of planning. Socialist markets are based on licensed resources from a Commons. This system has an indifference threshold below with a kind of ‘let-go’ allows the museum of vestigial social constructs to persist at a lower scale, while the macro-system is a kind of neo-communism that is a democratic outcome: this system can be a one-party state on top of a three-party state in a parliament of three dialectical parties with a presidential system whose only function is to guard the Commons top of a one-party system of socialist guardians. A strong system of liberal and economic rights, working-class associations and union guardianship of labor.  This kind of complex system reaches the threshold of complexity for a viable system.

Last and First Men 1848+: Capitalism, Communism, And The End of History 

Last and First Men The classic meme of the end of history has been a fumbled football since the era of the Hegel/Marx dialectic, or collision. In its usual form the debate tends to produce more heat than light. We have tried to lay the idea to rest as confused from the start. But it is clear that the take on capitalism at the end of history, from Fukuyama is little more than sophistical propaganda and Fukuyama to his credit has said so and even appeared to call for ‘socialism’. At a time of multiple crises, especially the catastrophe on its way of climate change and global warming the status of capitalism has undergone an unexpected devaluation as the phenomena of markets show their destructive force as a threat to planetary existence itself. Postcapitalism is becoming the last option. A rightist dictatorship will be the inexorable outcome unless a viable left can reassert itself beyond the instant failure mode of neo-bolshevism.

This is a short pdf (also in  Kindle) version of a short blog book composed at the blog It is also an archive of posts from several sources om the blog on issues of leftist activism as a core set of topics. The blog has a tremendous amount of material on the ‘Red Forty-eight Group’, a kind of virtual neo-communist movement or party. This short book is thus an introduction to the archiving of the legacy of posts there. The ‘eonic trilogy’, three texts dealing with history, evolution, and the left are listed at those sites.

The Anthropocene and The Coming of Postcapitalism

The current moment has spawned the term ‘Anthropocene’ and this not inappropriate neologism points us to the disastrous brand of eco-degraded climate ‘terraforming’ that has emerged from the industrial revolution and its capitalist false epitome. The ‘other’ legacy of the industrial/capitalist ‘revolution’ has been the smokestacks of satanic mills of the ‘great take-off’. The result, onset of disastrous climate change, has created a crisis for the politics of globalization, setting a challenge to its political and economic axiomatic legacy. This has found insult added to injury in current insanity phase induced by the election of Trump. We confront a system now bent on dismantling its EPA and its climate treaty at

the point of no return in the benchmark 2C global warming. The delusive character of capitalist ideology has shown itself to be more threatening than the original critics of the bourgeoisie could have imagined. Strangely, this is a revolutionary situation demanding a full cohort of activist resistance over and above the rising tide of environmental activism that has appeared within the last generation. This situation tokens a stage of near social psychosis and presents the left with the contradictory demands of revolutionary intervention and/or evolutionary political continuity. A system leviathan is in place that stands as the guardian of a pseudo-democracy of capital, very much as classic socialists such as Marx and Engels predicted. Given the shift of the millennial generation toward the left it is important for many of the legacy ‘lefts’ to examine their platforms and self-debrief the histories of the Marxist style Bolshevik revolution(s) in order to move on into a reformulation of the basic perspective of socialism/communism of the period of 1848. …

The legacy of historical materialism has been a confusion of theories of history and evolution. But world history has a unique dynamism that has become visible since the nineteenth century and the explosion of archaeological knowledge.

We can attempt to ‘decode’ world history to find its simple evolutionary dynamic:

Decoding World History_Version_8

Capitalism, Communism And the Evolution of Civilization: 1848+: Theory, Ideology, And Revolution Capitalism, Communism and the Evolution of Civilization

The issue of history is unresolved by anyone and the same can be true of theories of evolution. Although Marx’s first impression of Darwin’s theory was that it was an ‘English ideology’, the left has fallen into the quagmire of evolutionary pseudo-science. In a series of books/booklets, we can try to clarify the confusion over history/evolution with a discussion of what we are really seeing in world history. In that context, the rise of the modern left can be seen in the context of the rise of the modern epoch and its invention of revolution.

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